sonic design damping feet

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Table of comments left by UK users of Sonic Design Damping Feet.

Further feedback from UK customers is requested - just ping us an email as to how successful your use of Sonic Design Damping Feet has been.

Product   Customer   Product Used With:   Feedback, opinion, etc
CD, DVD, SACD Feet - Sonic Design Damping Feet
(2-5 kg) PM, Surrey NAD T550 DVD Very useful (and cheap) accessory - seems to "clean up" the audio very well.
(5-10 kg) RS, Kent Myryad T20 
CD Player
this is the only support I have ever used under a CD player that I did not wish to throw away within 10 minutes. It does not sound soft or hard, just right, very good. In fact, it is helping me "tune" my system even further. It is totally natural and really appears to get rid of the higher frequency vibrations that are so damaging to source components.
Standard Damping Feet - Sonic Design Damping Feet
(12-28 kg) MP, Lancashire Mission speakers (no model given) Reduced the amount of vibration from my speakers to the shelf they are on - treble sounds seem better now.
Audiophile Damping Feet